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Plush Corgi/Rabbit Hamburger, 10-16" | 25-40 cm

Plush Corgi/Rabbit Hamburger, 10-16" | 25-40 cm

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Burger Buddies: Plush Playmates 🍔🐰🐶

Introducing a delightful twist to the classic plush toy - our Burger Buddies! Choose between an adorable rabbit or a playful corgi nestled between plush hamburger buns. It's comfort food in the form of a huggable buddy!

Product Features:

  • Whimsical Designs: Whether you're a fan of bunnies or corgis, we've got the perfect patty for you. Complete with lettuce, cheese, and of course, cuteness!
  • Supremely Soft: Crafted with high-quality plush material for hours of snuggles and cuddles.
  • Three Tasty Sizes: Pick the size that fits your appetite: 9.8" (25 cm), 12.6" (32 cm), or 15.7" (40 cm).


  • Available characters: Bunny Patty and Corgi Patty.
  • Sizes: 25 cm, 32 cm, and 40 cm.

Dive into a world of imagination and play with our Burger Buddies. Perfect for kids and kids-at-heart, they're the delectable playmates you didn't know you needed!

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