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Plush Clam with Pearl Dog Sniffing Toy, 4.7" | 11 cm

Plush Clam with Pearl Dog Sniffing Toy, 4.7" | 11 cm

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Coastal Fun with Plush Clam and Pearl Dog Toy 🌊

Introducing a delightful play experience for your furry friend with our plush clam and pearl toy. Dive into a world of interactive fun that mimics the fascinating charm of the seashore.


  • Interactive Play: Hide food, treats, or catnip inside the plush clam to entice your pet into hours of stimulating fun.

  • Crinkle & Sound: With embedded crinkle paper, the clam makes captivating sounds that pique your pet's curiosity and keeps them engaged.

  • Double the Fun: The plush pearl can either be an intriguing puzzle piece to be retrieved from within the clam or a separate toy altogether.

  • Perfect Size: The clam is sized at 4.7x4.3"/11x12 cm, while the pearl is 2.4x1.7"/6x4.5 cm, making them ideal for both small and medium-sized pets.

  • High-Quality Fabric: Crafted from soft, durable material that's safe for pets and ensures longevity.

  • Engaging Colors: The vibrant teal of the clam and the adorable expressions of both the clam and pearl are bound to capture your pet's attention.

  • Mental Stimulation: This toy is not just about physical play; it also challenges your pet mentally as they figure out how to retrieve the hidden surprises.

  • In the Box: Your purchase includes one plush clam and one plush pearl.

Let the Seaside Come to Your Living Room: Bring the magical allure of the beach to your home and offer your pet a toy that's both entertaining and stimulating. It's the perfect gift for your furry friend that combines fun, function, and coastal flair! 🌊

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