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Plush Cartoon Fried Egg with Bunny Ears, 16-24" | 40-60 cm

Plush Cartoon Fried Egg with Bunny Ears, 16-24" | 40-60 cm

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Hop into Comfort with the Bunny-Eared Fried Egg Plush Toy! 🐰🍳

Sunny-Side Cuteness: Unveiling our latest design for 2022 – the plushie fried egg with bunny ears! This isn't just any ordinary fried egg; it's an amalgamation of breakfast fun and bunny charm. From its radiant yolk to its perky bunny ears, every detail has been crafted with love.


  • Double the Yolk Fun: Choose from two vibrant yolk colors – a zesty orange or a classic yellow. Both equally adorable, guaranteed to bring sunshine to your day.

  • Super Soft & Snuggly: Made with premium plush fabric and filled with 100% PP cotton, it’s a cloud of comfort. Perfect for cuddles, naps, or even just to brighten up a room.

  • Versatile Charm: Whether you're lounging on the couch, needing a fun play buddy, or searching for the ideal quirky gift, this plush has got you covered.

Size Guide:

  • Small: Standing at 16"/40 cm, it's as tall as a playful Pug.
  • Large: Reaching up to 24"/60 cm, it matches the height of a lively Border Collie.

The Perfect Egg-sperience: There's an age-old debate: scrambled, boiled, or fried? But now, there's a new way to enjoy your eggs – as a plush toy! It's an egg-ceptional addition to any plushie collection.

Ready to Hatch Some Fun? Add this bunny-eared fried egg plushie to your cart today and dive into a world of fluffiness and joy. It's the breakfast treat you didn't know you needed – no skillet required! 🍳

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