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Plush Coral Fleece Cabbage Blanket for Dogs, 18-32" | 45-80 cm

Plush Coral Fleece Cabbage Blanket for Dogs, 18-32" | 45-80 cm

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Cabbage Coziness: Canine Comfort Redefined! 🥬

Unveiling the perfect blend of humor and warmth - our Cabbage Dog Blanket! Whether it's naptime, bedtime, or just a cuddly moment, this cabbage blanket promises to wrap your fur-baby in a layer of pure fun and comfort. And if you don't have a pet- this comfortable blanket is also great to keep your baby or toddler feeling the coziness of plush coral fleece.


  • Quirky Cabbage Design: A playful twist on pet essentials, this blanket will make every nap a leafy adventure. Get ready for the giggles and snaps, as your pet becomes the cutest cabbage in town!

  • Soft & Gentle Material: Crafted from premium coral fleece, the blanket offers unmatched warmth and a gentle touch, ensuring your pet's utmost comfort.

  • Hand Wash Only: To maintain its vibrant color and plush texture, it's recommended to hand wash this blanket.

  • Three Sizes for the Perfect Fit:

    • Small (45x45 cm / 17.7x17.7 inches): Perfect for the petite pups and kitties.
    • Medium (65x65 cm / 25.6x25.6 inches): Ideal for the mid-sized mischief-makers.
    • Large (80x80 cm / 31.5x31.5 inches): Spacious comfort for the bigger fur-buddies.

 Tired of the ordinary? Add a touch of whimsy to your pet's lounging sessions with our Cabbage Dog Blanket. Warmth, comfort, and a hearty laugh - all bundled up in one! 🐶


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