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Plush Fruit Tart Pet Bed, 16-19" | 40-47 cm

Plush Fruit Tart Pet Bed, 16-19" | 40-47 cm

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Plush Fruit Tart Pet Bed for Cats and Dogs

Delight your furry friend with a slice of comfort and fun with our Plush Fruit Tart Pet Bed. Whisking together plushy sweetness with premium comfort, this bed is a treat your pet will adore!


  • Luscious Fruit Design: Comes adorned with a plush strawberry, kiwi slice, lemon slice, and two plush blueberries, making it as delightful to look at as it is comfy to lounge in.

  • Supreme Comfort Material: Expertly crafted with velvet fleece and plush PP cotton to provide maximum comfort for your little buddy.

  • Sizes for Every Pet: Designed to accommodate a variety of small pets – from playful kitties and pups to bouncy rabbits and even little pigs.


  • Medium: 15.7 inches in diameter (40 cm) - A cozy fit for those mid-sized furballs.

  • Large: 18.5 inches in diameter (47 cm) - More room for your pet to stretch out and enjoy.

Gift your pet the Plush Fruit Tart Pet Bed and let them bask in the coziness of a bed that's as delightful and delicious-looking as a real fruit tart! Perfect for both naps and playtime.

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