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Plush Large Cartoon Bowl of Ramen with Tempura Shrimp, 12" | 30 cm

Plush Large Cartoon Bowl of Ramen with Tempura Shrimp, 12" | 30 cm

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Ravishing Ramen Plush Bowl: A Bowlful of Cuteness! 🍜🦐

Enter a world where ramen bowls aren't just for slurping but also for snuggling! Introducing our incredibly cute Ramen Plush Bowl that promises to be a delightful addition to any plush collection.

Key Highlights:

  • Pick Your Preferred Color: Whether it's the cool blue that catches your eye or the pretty pink that piques your interest, we've got a bowl with your name on it!
  • Perfectly Plump Size: Measuring a wholesome 30 cm x 16 cm, this isn’t just another cute plush toy – it’s a snuggle buddy, a couch companion, and a bedtime chum!
  • Shrimp Sidekicks: Making the deal even sweeter (or should we say, saltier?), every plush bowl comes with two charming 12 cm plush shrimp. It's cuteness multiplied!
  • Maintain the Fluff: To keep your plush ramen bowl looking as delectable as the day you got it, remember to spot clean only.

In a world filled with ordinary plushies, stand out with something unique. Our Ravishing Ramen Plush Bowl isn't just a toy; it's an experience, a mood, and most importantly, a soft and cozy pal. So, if you're someone who loves both food and fun, this is the perfect plush for you! Grab yours and embark on a flavorful cuddle journey today! 🍜🥢🦐🎉

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