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Plushie Produce

Plush Novelty Roasted Turkey Tissue Dispenser

Plush Novelty Roasted Turkey Tissue Dispenser

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Plushie Produce's Turkey Tissue Dispenser 🦃


Roast Turkey Realness:

Laugh out loud with a tissue dispenser that takes the shape of a deliciously roasted turkey. It's hilariously authentic.

Innovative Design:
Slide your tissue box into the turkey's back, and voila! Tissues dispense from the front, making it a centerpiece of conversations and a novel piece of seasonal decor.

Soft and Sturdy:
Fashioned from premium plush materials with a cushy cotton interior, it's not only visually appealing but gentle to touch. Picking a tissue has never been this delightful!

Perfect Placement:
Its optimal size allows it to perch on counters, bedside tables, shelves, or anywhere you need a tissue handy, adding a whimsical touch.

Kid-Friendly & Adult-Adored:
A hit with the young ones and a chuckle-starter for adults, it's the perfect blend of utility and fun. Elevate holiday spirits or just bring daily smiles with this unique dispenser.

Easy Care:
No fuss! For cleaning, simply spot treat with a mild detergent and let it breathe in the open air.

Bring home Plushie Produce's Turkey Tissue Dispenser and enjoy the double-takes. Turn everyday tissue use into a fun-filled event, keeping those sniffles stylishly at bay. 🦃

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