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Plushie Produce

Plush Realistic Sitting Pig, Two Colors, 7" | 18 cm

Plush Realistic Sitting Pig, Two Colors, 7" | 18 cm

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Realistic Sitting Pig Plush Toy

Introducing Plushie Produce's Realistic Sitting Piggy Plush Toy - where lifelike charm meets plushie perfection.

Get Ready to Gush:

  • Diverse Duo: Choose between pure piggy pink or a blend of pink and black.
  • Compact Cuteness: A delightful 7.1-inch size that's ready for playtime and display.

Details to Adore:

  • Sculpted Splendor: From the inquisitive snout to those wide-awake ears, it's realism you can reach out and touch.
  • Squish Central: Filled with fluffy polyfill cotton that beckons for a good squeeze.
  • Velvet Piggy Paradise: Dive into its soft, short plush that feels dreamy to touch.

Why It's a Must-Have:

  • Child's Play: Perfect for pretend picnics and farmyard fun.
  • Adult Allure: A delightful dash of countryside charm for any space.

Plushie Produce's Realistic Sitting Pig Plush Toy is not just any plush toy; it's a testament to tactile artistry. Bringing together the authentic allure of a pig and the irresistible charm of plush, it's the perfect pick for piggy patrons of all ages. Curl up, cuddle close, and let the piggy plushie pampering begin! 🐷 

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