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Plush Realistic Watermelon, 10-12" | 25-30 cm

Plush Realistic Watermelon, 10-12" | 25-30 cm

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Watermelon Plush Toy🍉

As the sun shines brighter and days get warmer, it's time to immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of summer. What better way to do that than with our lifelike watermelon plush toys?

Key Features:

  • Full & Round Design: This isn't just a slice; it's the whole delicious fruit! Our watermelon plushies are designed to look as real and juicy as the ones you'd find at a summer picnic. A fun piece of summertime decor.

  • Size Options to Suit Your Needs:

    • 🍉 10" (25 cm): Perfect for those who love a compact and cuddly fruit.
    • 🍉 12" (35 cm): A bigger burst of summer freshness for all the watermelon lovers out there.
  • A Versatile Summer Companion: Whether it's elevating the vibe of your living space, providing comfort as a throw pillow, or becoming a child's new favorite plush toy, our watermelon plushies fit the bill.

  • Child-Friendly: Crafted from non-toxic materials and soft to touch, it's not only a delightful decor piece but also a safe toy for kids to play with.

  • Distinct Texture and Detail: The vibrant green exterior with realistic patterns captures the essence of an actual watermelon, making it an eye-catching piece in any setting.

Get a slice of summer, no, make that the whole fruit! Our Watermelon Plush Toys are here to bring a splash of sun-soaked fun to your home. Whether you're hosting a summer bash or simply looking to sprinkle some seasonal charm into your space, these plushies are a must-have. Grab yours now and let the summer fun begin! 🍉

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