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Plush Realistic Wearable Octopus Tentacles, 18-22" | 45-55 cm

Plush Realistic Wearable Octopus Tentacles, 18-22" | 45-55 cm

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Wearable Octopus Tentacles Plush Toy🐙

Ready to make a splash at your next gathering or just want to treat yourself to a novel undersea adventure at home? Plushie Produce's Octopus Tentacle Gloves and Foot Coverings are here to whirl you into the wondrous world of cephalopods!

Features that Fascinate:

  • Vivid Variants: Whether you're team Red or team Grey, there's a tentacle shade to suit your mood and style.
  • Choose Your Pose: Whether it's the dramatic outstretched wriggle or the mysterious curled-up grasp, pick the tentacle style that best suits your aquatic alter ego.
  • Sizing that Suits: With sizes to accommodate both outstretched and curled designs, there's a fit for everyone, be it young explorers or seasoned seafarers.

Feel the Octo-Comfort: Crafted with ultra-soft and stretchy materials, these tentacles not only look the part but feel incredibly comfy too. It's like getting a gentle hug from your very own octopus buddy!

A New Wave of Fun: Children's imaginative play sessions or adult theme parties, these tentacles are versatile and will have everyone intrigued. Dive deep into scenarios where you're the curious octopus, the mischievous sea monster, or the quirky alien!

Gift the Giggle: Looking for a unique gift? Whether it's for a birthday, costume party, or just to surprise a marine life enthusiast, these tentacle gloves and foot cover plushies are sure to be a hit!

Care Tips: To ensure your tentacles stay in tip-top shape, it's recommended to spot clean them. This way, they'll stay fresh and vibrant for all your undersea escapades. Please do not machine wash these plush toys.

Go Beyond the Ordinary: Why stick to the mundane when you can embrace the marine magic? Dive into an ocean of fun and fantasy with Plushie Produce's Tentacle Gloves and Foot Cover Plush Toys.🦑

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