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Plush Steamed Bun Chair, 18" | 45 cm

Plush Steamed Bun Chair, 18" | 45 cm

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Plush Steamed Bun Chair

Add a touch of whimsical comfort to your space with this delightful Plush Steamed Bun Chair. Perfectly sized at 18 inches (45 cm), it offers a fun seating option that's both comfortable and conversation-starting.


  1. Soft and Comfortable: Made with plush materials, it's soft to the touch and provides a cozy seating experience.

  2. Unique Design: Resembling a delicious steamed bun, this chair is sure to be a hit with both adults and children.

  3. Versatile: Whether it's for your bedroom, living room, or even a kid's play area, it's a fun addition to any space.

  4. Durable: Designed for daily use, it's made with quality materials that are built to last.

  5. Easy to Clean: Accidental spill? No problem. The surface is easy to clean with a damp cloth.

  6. Compact Size: At 18 inches (45 cm), it's the perfect size to fit into various spaces without being too bulky.

Ideal For:

  • Themed bedrooms or playrooms.
  • A unique gift for those who love quirky home décor.
  • Adding a playful touch to lounges or reading nooks.

Dive into the comfort of this Plush Steamed Bun Chair and enjoy a unique seating experience that combines fun and function. Whether you're lounging with a book or chatting with friends, it promises to be a delightful addition to your home. 🪑

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