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Plush Wrapped Candy Body Pillow, Eight Styles, 2-4.9' | 60-150 cm

Plush Wrapped Candy Body Pillow, Eight Styles, 2-4.9' | 60-150 cm

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Candy Body Pillow Plushie🍭

Introducing the Plushie Produce Candy Body Pillow — an innovative blend of comfort and creativity that's sure to sweeten up your lounging experience! This body pillow emulates the look of wrapped roll of candies.

Size it Up: Our candy body pillow comes in three large sizes to fit all your hugging and lounging needs:

  • Small & Sweet: 60 cm (23.6 inches) - For a touch of candy comfort. Great for children.
  • Medium & Munchy: 120 cm (47.2 inches) - Great for snuggling.
  • Large & Luscious: 150 cm (59 inches) - Dive deep into candy comfort! At 4.9 feet tall, this is a great body pillow for adults.

Softness Overload:

  • Cuddle-Worthy Material: Crafted from ultrasoft short plush making for restful sleep or relaxation.
  • Plush and Puffy: Filled with soft polyfill, it's perfect for hugging, lounging, or even as a makeshift bed for those fun sleepovers!

Design & Durability:

  • Whimsical Wrappers: Available in 8 vibrant and playful designs that replicate your favorite sweet treats.
  • Long-Lasting: Made with quality materials and craftsmanship, ensuring it retains its fluffiness and charm.

For Everyone and Every Occasion:

  • Playtime Partner: Kids can use it as a play prop, rest companion, or even as a fun decor piece.
  • Adults' Relaxation Retreat: Provides excellent support for reading, watching TV, or simply for some quality relaxation time.

The Perfect Gift: Birthdays, holidays, or just because — this Giant Candy Body Pillow promises a unique gift experience. Who wouldn't want to unwrap and snuggle up with a life-sized candy?

Add a Dash of Fun to Your Space: Transform your bedroom, living room, or reading nook with a dose of candy-inspired joy. With the Plushie Produce Candy Body Pillow, every day feels like a trip to the candy store! Indulge in comfort. Indulge in fun. 🍬

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