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Plush Cartoon Wedge of Cheese w/Blanket, 12-20" | 30-50 cm

Plush Cartoon Wedge of Cheese w/Blanket, 12-20" | 30-50 cm

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Meet Your Cheese Companion Plush Toy! 🧀

Introducing our delightful cheese plushie that's not just a treat for the eyes, but also a treat for your comfort! The largest of the three sizes, the 20" plush toy, also comes with a cheese-colored blanket.

Cheesy Features:

  • Smiling Slice of Comfort: Made of premium plush material, this plushie offers softness and cozy comfort, making it perfect for playtime, naps, and restful moments.

  • Versatile & Playful: Whether you're lounging around, propping up your favorite book, or engaging in some imaginative play, Cheddar is there to accompany you.

  • Bundle of Warmth: The largest version of this plush toy also comes with a cheese-themed blanket to keep you cozy during chilly days or movie nights!

  • Variety: Comes in three large sizes and four color options (green, yellow, pink, brown), making this plush toy suitable to match your space.

Size Guide:

  1. Small Cheese: Standing at 1 foot (30 cm), it's as adorable as a Shih Tzu puppy! Ideal for travel or as a little companion for your desk or bedside.

  2. Medium Cheese: At 1.3 feet (40 cm), it's got the charming stature of a toy poodle, making it perfect for snuggles or as a decor piece.

  3. Large Cheese: Rising to 1.6 feet (50 cm), it's as robust as a Beagle. Plus, it comes with a cheese-colored blanket for those days you want an extra layer of warmth.

A Cheesetastic Addition to Your Plushie Collection! 🧀

Whether you're a cheese enthusiast, a plush toy collector, or simply looking for a unique gift, this plushie promises to melt hearts and bring a cheesy grin to anyone's face. Don't miss out on bringing home this adorable plushie! 🧀


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