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Plush Realistic Durian, Two Colors, 9-16" | 23-40cm

Plush Realistic Durian, Two Colors, 9-16" | 23-40cm

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Plush Realistic Durian Fruit

Discover the "King of Fruits" in a plushy, huggable form! This realistic plush durian is crafted meticulously to capture the essence of the real fruit while being cuddle-friendly.


  • Stunning Realism: With a spiky exterior and richly colored design, this plush durian is a close match to the fruit that's widely celebrated in Southeast Asia.

  • Comfortable Touch: Unlike the hard and prickly outer skin of a real durian, our plushy version is soft and squishable, perfect for a cozy hug.

  • Sizes to Suit Everyone: Whether you want a small decorative piece or a large durian to hug, we have the size for you:

    • Small: A compact 9 inches (23 cm) – perfect for a desk ornament or to gift someone.

    • Large: A generous 16 inches (40 cm) – larger than a real durian and great for those who want a sizable plush buddy!

  • A Memorable Gift: For those who love or are curious about durian, this plush is a unique gift that bridges the gap between the fruit's divisive taste and universal appeal.

Add a touch of Southeast Asia to your living space or gift this plush durian to someone special today!

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