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Plush Realistic Garlic Head, 1.3 ft | 40 cm

Plush Realistic Garlic Head, 1.3 ft | 40 cm

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Glorious Garlic: Plushie Edition

Introducing the perfect blend of whimsy and comfort: Our super-sized garlic plush! A unique addition to any space, this delightful plush toy promises countless moments of fun, relaxation, and sheer amusement.

Key Features:

  • Garlic Galore: Celebrate your love for garlic without the strong scent! Whether you're a cooking enthusiast or just love unique plushies, this garlic head is a dream come true.

  • Superb Quality: Crafted to perfection, our plush garlic boasts soft material and strong stitching. It’s built to stand the test of time, promising endless cuddles and playtimes.

  • Multipurpose Delight: With its impressive size, use this plush as a comfy pillow, a quirky playmate, or a striking kitchen decor piece.


  • Size: A whopping 1.3 feet (16"/40 cm) in height. For perspective, that's equivalent to the height of a Bulldog!

  • Material: High-quality plush toy, perfect for playtime.

Why Our Jumbo Garlic Plush?

  1. Unique Design: Let's be honest, how often do you see a garlic this huge and huggable?
  2. Vampire-Free Guarantee: With this much garlic around, rest assured that no vampires will be bothering you anytime soon!
  3. Perfect Gift: Looking for a quirky present? Whether it's for a birthday, housewarming, or just because, this plush garlic is sure to bring a smile.

Don’t wait! Embrace the fun and comfort of our garlic plushie. Whether it's for yourself or a gift for a loved one, this unique plush is sure to be cherished for years to come. 🌱

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