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Plush Jumbo Cartoon Cross-Eyed Crocodile, 4 colors, 3-4.9' | 90-150 cm

Plush Jumbo Cartoon Cross-Eyed Crocodile, 4 colors, 3-4.9' | 90-150 cm

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Dive into Fun with Plushie Produce's Jumbo Cross-Eyed Crocodile! 🐊

Unleash the fun and fuzzy side of the wild with our adorably quirky plush croc! With eyes that may not meet, but a charm that certainly does.

Colors & Sizes Galore: Whether you're a fan of traditional green, neutral grey, playful pink or earthy brown, there's a croc for everyone. And with sizes stretching up to a whopping 59 inches (150 cm), it's an embrace you won't forget!

Velvety Goodness: Crafted with love from ultra-soft short plush and stuffed with heavenly PP cotton filling, it's a plushie dream come true. Get ready for endless squeezes and marshmallowy comfort!

Always Fresh: Our zippered access ensures that your plush pal stays plump and cuddly. Add filling as desired to keep the snug factor at its peak.

Silliness Overloaded: Who can resist that hilarious cross-eyed gaze? It's a guarantee for giggles, making it the perfect playmate for kids and a cheerful companion for adults.

Multi-Purpose: Whether you want a cuddle buddy, a funny decorative piece, or an epic partner for imaginative adventures, this croc has got you covered!

Brighten up your day with Plushie Produce's Jumbo Cross-Eyed Crocodile Plush! With its infectious charm and delightful softness, it's not just a toy but a joy. Embrace the silliness, feel the comfort, and dive into a world of laughter and love with this unique croc! 

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