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Plush Realistic Closed-Mouth Crocodile, 3-3.9' | 90-120 cm

Plush Realistic Closed-Mouth Crocodile, 3-3.9' | 90-120 cm

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Closed-Mouth Crocodile Plush Toy: All Hugs, No Bites! 🐊

Dive into a realm where nature's might meets soft delight! Our Closed-Mouth Crocodile Plush Toy is the perfect blend of authenticity and adorability.

Green Enchantments:

  • Enigmatic Emerald: This plushie stands out in a lively shade of emerald green, reminiscent of the rich marshy habitats of its real-life counterpart.
  • Size that Surprises: Whether you want a substantial buddy at 90 cm (35.4 inches) or a massive jumbo mate at 120 cm (47.2 inches), there's a plushie size for every crocodile enthusiast.

Elegantly Designed:

  • A Friendly Face: Ditching the daunting teeth, this closed-mouth version welcomes hugs with its gentle and friendly demeanor.
  • Simple Sophistication: The design focuses on gentle curves and matte plush textures, giving it an organic feel while maintaining the quintessential crocodile essence.

Softness Overload:

  • All About the Cozy: Created for those comforting moments, this plush toy is all squish, no squirm. Its amicable appearance promises heartwarming cozy comfort and endless plushie adventures.
  • For All Ages: This crocodile is designed to enchant both young and mature hearts with its unique blend of realism and charm.

Capture a Moment of Nature's Gentleness: Embrace the serene side of the wild. With Plushie Produce's Closed-Mouth Crocodile Plush Toy, you get to experience the wonder of a mighty reptile, minus the menace. Perfect for bedrooms, lounges, or as an extraordinary gift, it's more than a plush toy; it's a memory in the making.🐊

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