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Plush Jumbo Popsicle in Three Flavors, 14-33" | 35-85 cm

Plush Jumbo Popsicle in Three Flavors, 14-33" | 35-85 cm

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Popsicle Collection Plush Toys🍦

Dive into a world of comfort with our Popsicle Collection Plush Toys! These delightful popsicles aren't for eating but for squishing, using as a pillow, and adorning your space. Designed to resemble everyone's favorite summer treat, these plushies capture the essence of a refreshing popsicle but will never melt!


  • Varied Sizes:

    • Small Delight: 35 cm (13.7")  - A desktop companion
    • Medium Melt: 45 cm (17.7")
    • Jumbo Joy: 85 cm (33.5") Standing 2.8 feet tall, this is a
  • Three Tantalizing Flavors:

    • Chocolate Indulgence: Rich and delightful.
    • Neopolitan Nostalgia: A classic blend of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.
    • Fruit Fusion: Bursting with colorful fruity charm.
  • Realistic Details: Each popsicle plushie comes complete with a plush popsicle stick, making it look almost good enough to eat!

  • Soft and Squeezy: Made from premium plush material and filled with PP cotton for a soft, huggable experience.

Ideal For:

  • Gifts: Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or any occasion that calls for a unique and adorable present.

  • Home Decor: A quirky addition to bedrooms, living spaces, or even your workspace. A great conversation starter!

  • Comfort Companion: For those days when you need a comforting pillow to relax.

Maintenance: Gentle hand wash recommended. Air dry and avoid direct sunlight.

Experience the joy of summer and the comfort of a plushie rolled into one with our Popsicle Collection Plush Toys. Bring home the chill vibes today! 🍦

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