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Plush Gigantic Lifelike Pink Strawberry, 24" | 60 cm

Plush Gigantic Lifelike Pink Strawberry, 24" | 60 cm

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Gigantic Lifelike Strawberry 🍓

Give a grand welcome to our gigantic, juicy delight – the Lifelike Strawberry Plushie! This oversized pink berry is not just a treat for the eyes but a cozy comfort. With its large size and realistic design this strawberry plushie is perfect as a theater prop, as an educational aid, or as a piece of food-inspired decor.


  • Larger-Than-Life Size: Standing tall at 23.6 inches (60 cm), it promises a berry big amount of plushie comfort.

  • Detailed Design: Every curve, seed, and color shade is meticulously recreated to give it an almost real appearance.

  • Velvety Touch: Made with premium short plush fabric, it feels as smooth as it looks.

  • Fluffy Interior: Stuffed with quality polyfill, ensuring a soft, cushiony feel.

Benefits of Our Gigantic Strawberry:

  • Child's Playmate: Kids will find a fun, squishy companion in this jumbo berry. Perfect for imaginative play or a cozy naptime.

  • Decor Statement: For adults, it's a stylish, playful addition to any room, be it a bedroom, lounge, or reading nook.

  • Gift Material: Ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, or just because. It's a gift that promises a smile.

  • Educational: Its realistic look makes it a perfect educational aid when teaching kids about food.

Get ready for a berry good time with our Gigantic Realistic Strawberry Plushie! Whether you're a child eager for a playmate or an adult looking for a food-inspired comfy touch to your space, this strawberry plushie promises endless joy.🍓

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