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Plush Jumbo Marshmallow Pig, 1.2-3.6' | 38-110 cm

Plush Jumbo Marshmallow Pig, 1.2-3.6' | 38-110 cm

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Marshmallow Pig Plushie 🐷

Looking for the softest, squishiest plush buddy for your little one? Our Marshmallow Pig Plushie will not disappoint! If you've ever wanted to squish the daylights out of a pig, this plush toy is a dream come true.


  1. Top-Grade Materials: Made from premium plush fabric filled with 100% PP cotton, ensuring a soft, durable, and huggable friend.
  2. Multipurpose Design: The Large 1.9 ft pig isn't just a plush toy! Use it as a plush, hand warmer, or unfold the attached blanket for those chilly nights.
  3. Variety: Choose between our adorable pink and white pigs with either open or closed eyes. There's a design for everyone!
  4. Size for Every Age: Whether you want a small plushie for car trips or a super-sized cuddle buddy for bedtime, we've got you covered.

Size Guide:

  • Small: Perfect pocket-sized buddy (1.2 ft/ 38 cm) - Comparable to the height of a Shih Tzu.
  • Medium: Ideal for those bedtime snuggles (1.5 ft/ 45 cm) - Similar to the height of a Bulldog.
  • Large: Special 3-in-1 design! Acts as a plush, hand warmer, and comes with a blanket. (1.9 ft/ 58 cm) - About the height of an average end table.
  • Larger: Great for lounging on the couch (2.5 ft/ 75 cm) - Matches the height of an average kitchen table.
  • Super Large: The ultimate cuddle companion! (3.6 ft/1.1 m) - As tall as a Great Dane or a 6-year-old child.

Perfect Gift: Birthday? Sleepover? Or just because? Our Marshmallow Pig Plushie is the perfect gift for kids (and adults!) who love all things soft and squishy.

Make your days and nights squishier with our Marshmallow Pig Plushie! 🐷

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