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Plush Animal Car Tissue Holder/Trash Can, Five Styles, 16" | 40 cm

Plush Animal Car Tissue Holder/Trash Can, Five Styles, 16" | 40 cm

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Adorable & Practical: Cute Pet Garbage Bin & Tissue Dispenser for Cars🚗

Drive with a touch of whimsy while ensuring your vehicle remains spick and span with our Cute Pet Garbage Bin & Tissue Dispenser. This dual-function accessory adds both character and convenience to your journeys, ensuring your tissues and trash have their designated spots, all wrapped up in an adorable plush design.

Key Features & Benefits:

🐰 Whimsical Designs: Choose from captivating plush characters - a rabbit snuggling a carrot, a playful dog in a frog costume sipping on brown sugar boba tea, or the delightful sheep variants, one cuddling a fuzzy sheep-styled can, the other with a fresh strawberry. Each design not only enhances your car's interior aesthetics but also brings a smile every time you reach for a tissue or discard trash.

🐰 Integrated Tissue & Trash Solution: At approximately 10.6 inches wide and 15.7 inches high (27 cm x 40 cm), this accessory conveniently dispenses tissues from the back while the plush character in front holds a waterproof trash can due to a removable plastic liner. It's designed to snugly fit tissue boxes as large as 7.5 inches long, 2.8 inches tall, and 3.9 inches deep (19 cm x 7 cm x 10 cm), making it suitable for most brands on the market.

🐰 Quality Craftsmanship: Made with soft, premium short plush and filled with plushy PP cotton. The inner liner of the trash bin is crafted from plastic, ensuring it's waterproof and easy to clean. The two-layer design allows the storage box and plush doll to be separated, simplifying the cleaning process.

🐰 Universally Compatible: Equipped with durable straps, this accessory easily attaches to your car armrest or the back of a headrest, offering a stable and secure fit in most vehicle models.

Manufacturer Insights: Our Cute Pet Garbage Bin & Tissue Dispenser is more than just a car accessory. Its integrated molding ensures it's waterproof and leak-proof. Whether for personal use or as a heartwarming gift to friends and family, this blend of utility and charm is sure to be a hit.

Elevate your driving experience with both style and functionality. Make this adorable and useful companion a part of your journeys today! 🚗


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