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Plush Boba Tea in Animal Cups, Three Animals, 9" | 23 cm

Plush Boba Tea in Animal Cups, Three Animals, 9" | 23 cm

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Animal Bubble Tea Plushie 🐾

Unveil a world of playful imagination with our Plush Bubble Tea Animal Cups! A fusion of the irresistible charm of bubble tea and the endearing allure of your favorite animals, these plush toys promise joy and cuddles in every squeeze.

Notable Features:

  • Unique Designs: Each plush toy boasts a distinct design that mirrors your love for animals and bubble tea:

    • 🐰 Bunny Cup: Dressed in soft shades of pink with blushing cheeks and adorned with little strawberries.

    • 🐱 Cat Cup: An adorable half-and-half design, capturing the playful duality of a feline's nature.

    • 🐶 Dog Cup: With a sunny shade of brown and infectious cheer, it's a toy that'll fetch a lot of love!

  • Top-Notch Quality: Made with the softest plush material and stuffed with premium PP cotton, these plushies are not just adorable but also durable and comfortable.

  • Perfect Size: Standing at 9" (23 cm), they're the perfect size for cuddling, decorating, or even accompanying you on your bubble tea runs!

  • Versatile Enjoyment: Whether you're a child longing for a playful companion, an adult seeking a unique decor piece, or a bubble tea aficionado, these plush bubble tea cups cater to all.

  • Easy Care: Crafted to be low maintenance, a gentle wipe or spot clean keeps them fresh and vibrant.


Combine your affection for cute animals and your penchant for bubble tea with these delightful plush bubble tea animal cups. They make for a perfect gift or a treat for yourself. So, why wait? Dive into this bubble of happiness today! 🎁🐾🥤


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