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Plush Cartoon Food Keychain, 9 Food Choices

Plush Cartoon Food Keychain, 9 Food Choices

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Foodie Backpack Keychain Plushies 🍐🥑

Add a sprinkle of cuteness and quirkiness to your daily carry with these Plush Foodie Backpack Keychains! Fashioned to resemble your favorite foods in a delightful cartoonish style, these plushies promise to be a charming accessory for backpacks, purses, or even as a cute decorative item for your workspace or car.


  • Assorted Food Designs: Choose from a variety of food options like pear, macaron, mushroom, chili, the trendy avocado, zesty pineapple, juicy apple, crispy toast, and a refreshing slice of watermelon.

  • Compact Size: Measuring about 10 cm tall, these keychains are the perfect size to accessorize without being cumbersome.

  • Charming Details: Each plush food item features a cartoon smiley face and cute little plush legs, adding a touch of personality.

  • High-Quality Material: Crafted with soft plush material, these keychains are not only visually appealing but also feel great to the touch.

  • Versatile Use: Apart from using them as keychains, they can be attached to backpacks, purses, or hung as a decorative piece in your room or car.

Usage Suggestions:

  • Personal Use: Attach it to your bag, purse, or keys to add a pop of fun and personality to your belongings.

  • Gift Idea: Perfect for food enthusiasts, kids, or anyone who loves quirky accessories. Gift it on birthdays, anniversaries, or as a unique party favor.

  • Collector's Item: With so many designs, they're a delightful addition for plush toy collectors or those who enjoy quirky accessories.

Indulge in a whimsical journey with these adorable Plush Foodie Backpack Keychains. Whether you're a fan of avocados or have a soft spot for cherries, there's a plushie waiting to accompany you on your daily adventures! 🍐🍞🥑🍍🍒🍉

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