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Plush Chewing Gum Dog Sniffing Toy

Plush Chewing Gum Dog Sniffing Toy

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Stick of Gum Dog Plush Toy 🍬

Minty Fresh & Whimsical: Designed to mimic a delightful stick of gum, this plush toy adds a playful twist to your dog's playtime. The vibrant mint green with its cheeky "DOGGUM" branding and cute designs makes this toy a fetching favorite.

Top-Notch Materials: Don't let its gum-like appearance fool you; this toy is crafted for both fun and comfort. Made with plush fleece and sturdy vinyl, it’s tailor-made for some serious play.

Interactive Fun: Slide out the plush 'gum', hide some treats or kibble inside, and watch as your fur buddy sniffs out the hidden treasures! It's a sniff-sational challenge they'll adore.

Durable & Enduring: Made to endure even the most playful pups, the combination of fleece and vinyl ensures this toy stands up to rigorous tugging and chewing.

Versatile & Rewarding:

  • Toy: Slide in the plush 'gum' for a tugging good time.
  • Training Tool: Enhance their sniffing and foraging skills by hiding treats inside.
  • Brain Game: Helps keep your dog mentally stimulated and entertained.

Dive into a world of sniffing adventures with the Stick of Gum Dog Plush Toy. Whether it’s playtime, training, or just lounging around, this whimsical gum-inspired toy promises heaps of fun and games. Let your pooch pop into play with this gum-tastic treat! 🍬🐾🎉


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