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Plush Food Crate Sniffing/Chew Toy for Pets, 8" | 21 cm

Plush Food Crate Sniffing/Chew Toy for Pets, 8" | 21 cm

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Dive Into Playtime with Our Plush Veggie Crate Pet Toy

Introduce your pet to a garden of delights with our vegetable crate plush toy, where every nibble leads to a new discovery! A fun toy for your dog that incorporates squeaky toys and sniffing toys all held within a canvas container.

Key Features:

  1. Gourmet Delight: Designed for the refined pet palate, this collection of plushies offers a farm-fresh assortment of veggies and fruits straight from the plush fields to your living room.

  2. Interactive Elements: Unearth squeaky sounds with the garlic, persimmon tree, and radish, enjoy the crinkle allure of the chive, or play hide-and-seek with treats inside the mushrooms. And if you think that's all, the plush container itself transforms into a treasure trove when emptied of its plush contents!

  3. Crafted to Perfection: Made from luxurious Dutch velvet and felt, with a durable canvas container that showcases a velcro design for ease of disassembly and cleaning.

  4. Dimensions:

    • Container: 8.3x8.3 inches (21x21 cm)
    • Fully Stacked Height: 9.8 inches (25 cm)
    • Weight: 0.85 lbs (385 grams)
  5. Premium Quality: As a high-end product, the meticulous craftsmanship and quality materials promise longevity and a sophisticated touch to your pet's toy collection.

  6. Versatility: Not just for the canine connoisseurs! Feline friends can indulge too by hiding some catnip.

  7. Care Instructions: While the canvas container is easy-peasy to clean, for our squeaky mini-plush, a gentle hand wash in cold water keeps them looking farm-fresh.

Why Choose Our Plush Veggie Crate?:

  • Exclusive Design: Fresh from the 2023 collection, it's the choicest pick for plushie aficionados and pets alike.

  • Safety First: All our mini plushies are designed with no detachable parts ensuring worry-free playtime.

  • Easy Maintenance: The container's canvas fabric is a breeze to clean, and for the mini-plush, a little tender love and care goes a long way.

Gifting Tip:

Combine it with other food-themed plush toys to curate a plush feast for your pet!

Elevate playtime to an epicurean escapade with our plush vegetable crate. Delight in the farm-fresh fuzziness!

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