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Plush Kawaii Rice Ball, 8"-14" | 20-36 cm

Plush Kawaii Rice Ball, 8"-14" | 20-36 cm

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Onigiri Delight: Kawaii Rice Ball Plush

Bring home a touch of Japanese cuteness with the "Onigiri Delight" Kawaii Rice Ball Plush! Crafted with care and love, these plushies are sure to be a delightful addition to any room or collection.


  • Adorable Design: Embodying the essence of Kawaii culture, these plushies boast heart-melting facial expressions, each telling its own sweet story.

  • Multiple Sizes: Whether you're looking for something petite or a more substantial plush friend, the Onigiri Delight comes in two sizes: 8" / 20 cm for those looking for a cute companion, and 14" / 36 cm for those who prefer a bigger cuddle buddy.

  • Three Expressions: Reflecting the vast range of our own emotions, choose from three different facial expressions to match your mood or décor. Whether you're feeling cheerful, shy, or somewhere in between, there's an Onigiri Delight for every occasion.

  • Soft & Huggable: Made from premium plush materials, these rice ball plushies are not just visually delightful but also incredibly soft to touch and hug.

  • Versatile Use: While they make for perfect cuddle companions, they're also great as decorative pieces in bedrooms, living rooms, or even offices, adding a dash of Kawaii to any space.

Ideal For:

  • Gift: Perfect as a birthday, holiday, or 'just because' gift for loved ones, especially fans of Japanese culture or Kawaii enthusiasts.

  • Collectors: If you're a plush collector, the Onigiri Delight is a unique addition that stands out, thanks to its adorable design and cultural relevance.

  • Decor: Elevate the coziness and cuteness quotient of your space. Place it on a couch, bed, or shelf, and watch it draw smiles from everyone who sees it.

Relish the warmth, comfort, and delightful aesthetics of the Onigiri Delight Kawaii Rice Ball Plush. It's not just a plush; it's a bundle of joy wrapped in softness and cuteness! 🍙💖🤗

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