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Plush Large Realistic Land Snail, 16" | 40 cm

Plush Large Realistic Land Snail, 16" | 40 cm

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Plushie Produce's Realistic Snail Plush – Sluggish Adventures Await! 🐌

Experience the tranquility of garden life in your living room with the Realistic Snail Plush by Plushie Produce. Crafted to capture the essence of a large land snail, this plush pet transforms ordinary spaces into wonder-filled havens.


  • Detailed Craftsmanship: Every inch of this plush, approximately 16 inches long (45.72 cm), showcases unparalleled attention to detail – from the pronounced spiral ridges of the shell to the ever-curious eye stalks.

  • Premium Materials: Made from top-grade short plush fabric and packed with a soft polyfill stuffing, it feels velvety, sumptuously squishy, and impressively lifelike.

  • Not Just a Plush: While perfect for snuggling, its realistic design makes it an artful addition to any space, enchanting both children and adults with its tactile allure.

  • Gift of Nature: A splendid gift for nature aficionados, children curious about the world, or anyone seeking a unique plush companion.

Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? The Realistic Snail Plush from Plushie Produce is more than just a toy; it's an exploration into the wonders of nature, a tactile treat, and a cuddle companion all rolled into one. Bring home this shelled sensation and let the slow-paced fun commence! 🌱🐌

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