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Plushie Produce

Plush Peas in a Pod Dog Sniffing Toy, 12" | 31 cm

Plush Peas in a Pod Dog Sniffing Toy, 12" | 31 cm

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Plushie Produce's Peas in a Pod Dog Toy 🐾

Give your furry friend a veggie-packed play session with this delightful Peas in a Pod toy. Not just your average plush toy; it's a playtime adventure waiting to unfold!

Garden of Features: Triple the Fun: Three squeezable peas, each with its own squeaker, guarantees three times the amusement. Hidden Delights: Every pea houses a secret pocket, ready to be stuffed with your pet's favorite kibble or treats. It's a game of hide, seek, and munch! Stay Put, Little Peas: The peas stay nestled in their pod, secured with handy Velcro straps.

Beyond the Greenery: Squeak, Fetch, Repeat: Whether it's the thrilling squeak, the chase after a thrown pea, or the joy of finding treats inside, this toy promises endless entertainment. Sized for Satisfaction: At 12.2 inches long x 3.1 inches tall x 5.1 inches wide, it's the perfect fit for paws big and small. Easy Care & Durable: Made with top-quality fleece and plush, it can withstand play sessions and is easy to clean.

Hop on an exciting journey through the garden of play with Plushie Produce's Peas in a Pod Dog Toy. Perfect for physical activity and mental stimulation, it's a wholesome treat for pups craving variety in their toy box. Let the games bean! 🐶

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