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Plush Simulation Fruit Throw Pillow, 15 Fruits, 16-22" | 40-55 cm

Plush Simulation Fruit Throw Pillow, 15 Fruits, 16-22" | 40-55 cm

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Simulation Fruit Throw Pillow Plushies

Introducing a delightful mix of comfort and vibrant aesthetics – our simulation fruit throw pillow plushies! Perfect for those who love to merge whimsy with coziness, these plushies bring a fruity pop of color to any space.


  • Authentic Fruit Designs: Each throw pillow showcases an image of the fruit it represents, offering a life-like appearance while being plushy and comfortable.

  • Assorted Sizes: Ranging from 16-22" (40-55 cm), you can pick the perfect size that complements your space and preference.

  • Variety of Fruits: With 15 different fruit varieties available, there's a flavor for every taste – from the tangy pomegranate to the tropical pineapple.

  • Unique Shape: Though these fruit plushies mirror the appearance of their real-life counterparts, they're flatter, making them ideal as throw pillows for lounging and decorating.

Benefits of Our Plush Fruit Pillows:

  • Decorative & Practical: These fruit-shaped pillows not only beautify your space but also provide a comfy resting spot.

  • Conversation Starters: Their unique design makes them great ice-breakers for guests and visitors.

  • Perfect for All Ages: Whether it's for a child's playroom or a quirky addition to a living room, these plushies cater to all.

  • Gift Material: A thoughtful present for fruit enthusiasts, kids, or anyone who appreciates funky home decor.

Get your daily dose of fruity comfort and elevate your decor game. Dive into a world of plushie fruits as throw pillows and relish their softness!

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