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Plush Stationary Items, Nine Choices, 16-22" | 40-55 cm

Plush Stationary Items, Nine Choices, 16-22" | 40-55 cm

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Cartoon Stationary Companions Plushie Collection

Unleash your whimsical side with our Stationary Plushies! These delightful plush toys are designed to pay homage to classic stationary elements, perfect for craft enthusiasts, students, or anyone who loves a touch of creativity in their decor.

Our Collection Features:

📏 Plush Ruler: Perfectly straight but soft to the touch! This ruler plushie comes with a measurement of 55x30 cm (approximately 21.7x11.8 inches) and wears an earnest expression on its cartoon face.

✂️ Plush Scissors: Snip snip! Our scissors plushie, at 40x30 cm (approximately 15.7x11.8 inches), are as snuggly as they are safe. They can't cut, but they sure can cuddle!

✏️ Plush Pencil: Scribble away with this cozy companion! Measuring 45x20 cm (approximately 17.7x7.9 inches), this pencil plushie is sharpened for maximum cuteness.

🖍️ Plush Blue Crayon: Add a splash of color to your room without the mess. This crayon plushie stands at 45x12 cm (approximately 17.7x4.7 inches), bringing playful vibes to any space.

🩹 Plush Blue Eraser: Mistakes? What mistakes? This eraser plushie, measuring 40x25 cm (approximately 15.7x9.8 inches), is all about smiles and softness.

📔 Plush Pink Notebook: Jot down your dreams on this soft surface! While not for actual note-taking, this 40x32 cm notebook plushie (approximately 15.7x12.6 inches) is a joy to hold.

🔪 Plush Precision Knife: Crafted for comfort, this 45x10 cm precision knife plushie (approximately 17.7x3.9 inches) is all about the fun without the sharpness.

📔 Plush Yellow Notebook: Another cozy canvas for your imaginary notes, this notebook plushie measures 40x32 cm (approximately 15.7x12.6 inches) and beams with cheerful yellow hues.

Additional Details:

  • Material: Soft, high-quality plush fabric.
  • Each plush item features a unique, adorable cartoon face.
  • A delightful gift for craft lovers, children, or anyone who appreciates novel decor.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Spot clean recommended.

Note: This purchase includes a single plush stationary item of your choice. Collect all 9 to complete the fun-filled Cozy Craft set!

Add a touch of fun to your room, office, or creative space. These stationary plushies are not just stationary items; they're plush toy companions waiting to share in your day's adventures! 📔✏️✂️🖍️📏


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