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Plush Sugar-Coated Gummy Bears, 12-18" | 30-45 cm

Plush Sugar-Coated Gummy Bears, 12-18" | 30-45 cm

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Sugar-Coated Gummy Bear Plush Toy Collection

Dive into the sweetness of our Sugar-Coated Gummy Bear Plush Toy Collection! These aren't your everyday edible treats, but soft, huggable replicas designed to bring comfort and a splash of colorful fun to your spaces. Whether it's the fruity detail atop their heads or their inviting postures, they are sure to charm kids and adults alike.


  • Diverse Sizes: Choose from three sizes - 12" (30 cm), 20" (50 cm), and 28" (70 cm) - to perfectly suit your space or preference.

  • Two Postures: Whether you're into a bear laying leisurely on its belly or one sitting up in a classic gummy pose, we've got you covered!

  • Flavorful Designs:

    • Green Avocado: A lush green gummy bear representing the rich and creamy taste of avocado, accentuated by an adorable plush avocado on its head.
    • Orange Orange: Dive into citrusy goodness with this vibrant orange gummy bear, complemented by a cute orange plush fruit atop.
    • Red Strawberry: A delightful red gummy bear, reminiscent of juicy strawberries, crowned with a plush strawberry detail.

Ideal For:

  • Unique Gifts: Perfect for birthdays, special occasions, or for someone with a sweet tooth but on a diet!

  • Room Decor: Brighten up bedrooms, living rooms, or nurseries with these fruity delights.

  • Comfort: Their soft and squishy nature makes them perfect for snuggling during nap time or bedtime.

Maintenance: Spot clean recommended. Do not bleach.

Embrace the playful fusion of flavors and colors in our Sugar-Coated Gummy Bear Plush Toy Collection. These plushies promise to be sweet companions without the sugar rush! 🧸

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