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Plush Realistic Bao Buns, 8-26" | 20-65 cm

Plush Realistic Bao Buns, 8-26" | 20-65 cm

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Savor the Softness with Steamed Bao Plushies!

Indulge in the charm and comfort of our Steamed Bao Plushies, designed to replicate the iconic and mouth-watering steamed buns! These plushies not only offer a unique decor twist but also bring in a touch of cultural significance, making them a delightful possession for both decor enthusiasts and culinary aficionados.


  1. Authentic Design: Skillfully crafted to mirror the appearance of freshly-steamed bao buns, right down to the flour-dusted look.
  2. Superior Quality: Made with ultra-soft plush and 100% cotton, ensuring a cuddly feel and long-lasting resilience.
  3. Removable Bao: The bao plushies are detachable from their baskets, offering flexibility in display and usage.
  4. Thoughtful Gift: A perfect gift choice for Sinophiles, food lovers, or anyone with a taste for unique decor.

Size Guide:

  • Individual Bao:
    • Size: 8"/20 cm (Width of the basket)
    • Note: Each individual bao comes with its personal plush basket.
  • Small Collective Bao:
    • Size: 14"/35 cm (Width of the basket)
    • Note: This basket contains four bao plushies.
  • Large Collective Bao:
    • Size: 26"/65 cm (Width of the basket)
    • Note: This larger basket is designed to house all four bao plushies.

Treat yourself or your loved ones to these adorable Steamed Bao Plushies and let them be a conversation starter in your space!

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