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Plush Jumbo Realistic Toothbrush, Four Colors, 35" | 90 cm

Plush Jumbo Realistic Toothbrush, Four Colors, 35" | 90 cm

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Realistic Jumbo Toothbrush Plushie 🪥

Add a gigantic touch of dental delight to your space with our jumbo toothbrush plushie! What better way to "clean up" after playing with plush food? Measuring in at an impressive 3 feet (90 cm), this playful piece is the ultimate conversation starter.

Product Features:

  • 🪥 Jumbo Sized: At 90 cm (approximately 35.4 inches) in length, it's more than just a plushie; it's a statement piece!
  • 🪥 True Representation: A realistic and large-scale plush representation of a toothbrush with toothpaste, minus the cartoonish flair, for a sleek and modern touch.
  • 🪥 Vibrant Colors: Choose from four lively colors – sunny yellow, refreshing green, pretty pink, or calming blue. Pick the one that complements your decor or mood.
  • 🪥 Premium Material: Constructed with top-quality plush materials, our jumbo toothbrush ensures a cozy embrace and durability.

Why Our Jumbo Plush Toothbrush?

  • A Unique Decor Piece: Ideal for dental clinics, themed rooms, or simply for someone with an affinity for unique plush toy items.
  • Gift Idea: Perfect for dental professionals, students, or anyone looking for a realistic and oversized plushie.
  • Interactive & Fun: Its size makes it a fun prop for theater or as an educational aid for children.

Elevate your plush collection with this dental-themed giant. A blend of fun, comfort, and uniqueness, our jumbo toothbrush plush toy will surely brush its way into everyone's heart.

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