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Plush Jumbo Pink Squishy Pig, 1.3-2.6' | 40-80 cm

Plush Jumbo Pink Squishy Pig, 1.3-2.6' | 40-80 cm

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Plushie Produce presents the Jumbo Pink Squishy Pig

Oh my piggy! Dive into a world of pure plushiness with this ultra-squishy piggy plush. Whether you're cuddling up for a nap, gifting to a dear one, or watching your child's eyes light up in joy, this oink-tastic toy is the perfect choice!

📏 Size-wise, here's how our piggies stack up:

  • Small:  1.3 feet/ 40 cm ~ akin to the height of a Pug 
  • Medium: 1.6 feet/ 50 cm ~ similar to a Beagle's stature 
  • Large: 2 feet/ 60 cm ~ mirroring a Border Collie's height 
  • Extra-large:  2.6 feet/ 80 cm ~ as tall as a majestic Golden Retriever 

Crafted with top-notch plush and sporting durable stitches, these pigs promise longevity and endless cuddles. Embrace the softness, and let your worries melt away with every squeeze! 🐷

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