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Plush Standing Shiba Inu Dog as a Cabbage, 8-20" | 20-50 cm

Plush Standing Shiba Inu Dog as a Cabbage, 8-20" | 20-50 cm

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Shiba Inu Meme Dog as a Cabbage Plush Toy

Dive into the unique world of Plushie Produce with our iconic Shiba Inu Cabbage Plush Toy. It's the perfect blend of meme-worthy adorableness and soft, cozy comfort!

Key Features:

  • Cabbage Cuteness: Wrapped in a cabbage leaf design, this Shiba Inu plushie adds a quirky twist to the conventional plush toy. Its vibrant green hue complements the signature Shiba Inu facial features, making it irresistibly cute!

  • Premium Materials: Crafted with plush softness and filled with 100% PP cotton, it's designed for maximum comfort, making it perfect for cuddles or as a comfy pillow.

  • Diverse Size Range: Catering to all preferences, we offer five distinct sizes. Whether you fancy a plushie as tiny as a Pomeranian or as big as a real Shiba Inu, we've got you covered! Lengths range from 8" to 20".

Why It's A Favorite:

  • Unique Design: Merging the world of veggies with that of canines, this plushie stands out and is sure to be a conversation starter!

  • Versatile Use: Ideal for kids and adults alike! Use it as a toy, decorative piece, or even a pillow.

  • Perfect Gift: Know a Shiba Inu enthusiast or someone who loves unique plushies? This makes for a perfect and thoughtful gift!

Turn Over a New Leaf with the Shiba Inu Cabbage Plush!

Embark on a journey of cozy comfort with a twist! Dive into fun with this quirky plush toy, representing the perfect fusion of meme culture and plushie love.

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