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Plush Realistic Hamburger Pillow with Blanket, 18" | 45 cm

Plush Realistic Hamburger Pillow with Blanket, 18" | 45 cm

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Realistic Hamburger Pillow Plushie 🍔

Experience a feast for the eyes and soul with this captivating collection of hamburgers and sandwiches, all as cozy plushies. Dive into a world where gastronomic pleasures meet unparalleled comfort.

Realism at its Best: A testament to attention to detail, each plushie showcases a hamburger design printed on both sides. The photographic precision makes these irresistible pillows look as tempting as the real thing!

Size & Dimensions:

  • Plush Hamburger Pillows: Uniformly crafted, each pillow measures 18x12 inches (45x30 cm) with a permissible variation of +/- 3 cm. Their design is intentionally "flattened" to maximize comfort and usability as pillows. Be sure to examine the images closely for a better understanding.

  • Bun-Colored Coral Blanket: A warm extension to the delicious burger, the blanket spans 3.2x3.6 feet (1x1.7 meters). Crafted from plush coral fleece and sumptuous coral velvet, it promises to cocoon you in its warmth.

Unbeatable Comfort: While the plush pillows invite you to lay your head, the accompanying bun-colored blanket ensures you're wrapped in coziness. Dive into dreamland, comforted by the thought of your favorite snack.

Multi-functional Delight: Doubling as a decorative piece, these plushies can adorn your living space while being ready for a nap or movie session. Pull out the blanket, snuggle with the hamburger pillow, and get lost in your leisurely pursuits.

Fabric & Feel: The plush pillows are designed to mimic the look and feel of a real burger, albeit flatter for ergonomic reasons. On the other hand, the coral blanket, constructed from coral fleece and velvet, offers a rich and fuzzy texture. Known for its high density of fibers, the coral fabric makes for a perfect snuggle companion.

Note to Buyers: These plush hamburgers lean towards the aesthetic of a pillow rather than the rounded dimension of an actual burger. Kindly inspect the pictures closely for a precise understanding.

An innovative blend of aesthetics and functionality, this set is perfect for foodies and comfort seekers alike. Whether it's a self-indulgent purchase or a thoughtful gift, the plush hamburger pillows and blanket set is bound to be a delightful addition to any space. Dive into comfort with a side of quirk! 🍔

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