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Plush Realistic Bread: 14 Varieties, 12-20" | 31-50 cm

Plush Realistic Bread: 14 Varieties, 12-20" | 31-50 cm

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Realistic Plush Assorted Breads


A Slice of Comfort: Experience the uncanny blend of realism and comfort with our assortment of bread plushies. Crafted with precision and artistry, these bread plushies are as tempting to the eyes as they are soothing for a relaxing nap.

Baked to Perfection: Every plush bread in this collection has been meticulously designed based on real photographs of bread. This attention to detail ensures an incredibly realistic look that's almost good enough to eat. But instead of biting into them, you'll be snuggling up!

Craftsmanship & Quality:

  • Photorealistic Designs: Each plush is shaped according to its real-life counterpart, and then the photograph of the actual bread is seamlessly printed all around the pillowcase.

  • Premium Filling: Filled to the brim with high-quality PP cotton, these plush breads offer optimum comfort, making them the perfect headrest or snuggle buddy.

  • Durably Made: These plush breads are not just a visual treat but are made to last, ensuring countless moments of relaxation and comfort.

Dimensions & Variety: The bread plushies vary in size, ranging between 12-20" / 31-50 cm. The elongated baguette-style plushies stretch longer than the round ones, offering a versatile range to choose from based on individual preference.

Who said you can't play with your food? These bread plushies bring the bakery to your living room in the most cuddlesome way. Perfect for bread lovers, baking enthusiasts, or anyone who appreciates a touch of whimsy in their decor.🥖

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