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Plush Large Lifelike Slice of Salmon, 19" | 49 cm

Plush Large Lifelike Slice of Salmon, 19" | 49 cm

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Realistic Slice of Salmon Plushie 🐟

Realistic & Quirky: Designed to resemble a sumptuous slice of salmon, this plushie brings in a dash of humor and charm. The vibrant orange contrasts with the fishy scales, creating a visually appealing piece that's hard to miss.

Premium Materials: While it might look delicious, this pillow is crafted for comfort. Made with soft and cozy plush materials, it's a pleasure to lean against or cuddle up with.

Generously Sized: At 19x11x3" (49x27x8 cm), this plushie is not just a cute addition to your space but also a functional one. Whether you're lounging on the couch, taking a nap, or looking for back support, this salmon slice provides ample cushioning.

Versatile & Fun:

  • Pillow: Perfect for those afternoon naps or to support your head while watching TV.

  • Couch Cushion: Add some quirkiness to your living space! It's sure to be a conversation starter. A novel throw pillow.

  • Kitchen Decor: Elevate your kitchen's aesthetic with this unique plushie. It's both fun and sophisticated.

Did You Know? This salmon plushie is as long as a beagle is tall! An amusing fact that's sure to make it even more endearing.

This Salmon Slice Plushie seamlessly blends fun and functionality. A delightful addition to any space, it's both a comfort companion and a statement piece. Dive into comfort with this fillet of a fishy friend! 🐟

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