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Biscuit Seat Cushion Plushie with Icing Filling, 12 Styles, 14-18" | 35-45 cm

Biscuit Seat Cushion Plushie with Icing Filling, 12 Styles, 14-18" | 35-45 cm

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Sweeten Your Space with Filled Biscuit Plushies! 🍪

Who said biscuits are just for eating? Introducing our delightful simulation filled biscuit plushies that look as good as they feel. Perfect for the foodies and comfort-seekers alike, these plushies are a delectable addition to any room!

Key Features:

  • Realistic Design: With intricate details mimicking real biscuits and icing, these plushies could almost fool you into taking a bite!

  • Variety of Flavors: Choose from six enticing flavors including classic brown, dark and dreamy black, lovely pink, sunny yellow, and neutral tan. And for those who can't pick just one flavor, there's the zebra-striped vanilla and chocolate combo.

  • Two Shapes to Choose From: Whether you're a fan of the classic round biscuit or the square treat, we've got you covered.

Sizes to Note:

  • The Square Treat: Measuring at 17.7"*15.7" (45*40 cm), it's the perfect size to make a statement without overwhelming your space.

  • The Round Delight: With a diameter of 21.7" (55 cm), it offers ample space for lounging or accentuating your decor.


  • Seat Cushion: Offering firm support, it's the ideal cushion for a sweet seating experience.

  • Decorative Throw Pillow: Enhance your room's aesthetic with a biscuity touch, making it feel both cozy and unique.


Indulge in comfort without the calories! These biscuit plushies are not just another decorative piece; they're a conversation starter, a cozy companion, and a sweet reminder of life's simple pleasures. So, why wait? Grab a biscuit (plushie) and relax in sweet style! 🍪💕

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