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Plush Slice of Pizza with Legs, 12-22" | 30-55 cm

Plush Slice of Pizza with Legs, 12-22" | 30-55 cm

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Plush Slice of Running Pizza🍕

Introducing the zestiest runner in town – our Plush Slice of Running Pizza! With delicious-looking toppings and those adorable little feet, this pizza plush toy is ready to sprint into your heart (and maybe away from anyone looking to take a bite 😉).

Here's our slice-y size guide to help you find your perfect pizza partner:

  • Small: 🍕 9x12" / 23X30 cm – Perfect for those light snack moments.
  • Medium: 🍕🍕 14x18" / 35X45 cm – For when you're feeling a bit more peckish.
  • Large: 🍕🍕🍕 16x22" / 40X55 cm – The ultimate pizza party companion!

Made with the fluffiest and softest materials, it's the ideal playtime pal during movie nights, nap times, or just about any moment when you're craving a slice of comfort. And with that high-quality PP cotton stuffing, this plushie promises to remain plump and playful for years. Go on, grab a slice of fun with this delightful Cartoon Pizza Plush Toy! 🍕🏃‍♂️💨💛

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