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Plush Cappuccino Dog Squeaky Chew Toy, 6.5" | 16.5 cm

Plush Cappuccino Dog Squeaky Chew Toy, 6.5" | 16.5 cm

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Cappuccino Dog Toy: The Ultimate Pooch Pick-Me-Up! 🐾

Unleash your furry friend's inner barista with the plush Cappuccino Dog Squeaky Toy. Forget morning walks; it's time to head straight to the pupper café!

Key Features:

  •  Parody Fun: This tongue-in-cheek take on a popular coffee brand ensures a chuckle while your pup gets its daily caffeine fix (in toy form!).

  • Squeak-a-Latte: Filled with a squeaker, this chew toy promises hours of fun-filled activity, keeping your dog entertained and engaged.

  • Tough & Chewy: Crafted from a plush yet bite-resistant material, this toy is designed to withstand even the most enthusiastic of chewers.

  •  Size:

    • Cappuccino Mug: Standing at 6.5" tall with a 4.5" width (16.5x11.4 cm) - a great choice for larger breeds or those who like a bigger bite. ☕

Treat your four-legged friend to a frothy, fun-filled coffee break. 🐶

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