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Plush Jumbo Green Crocodile, 1.8-3.8' | 55-115 cm

Plush Jumbo Green Crocodile, 1.8-3.8' | 55-115 cm

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Plushie Produce's Jumbo Green Crocodile! 🐊

Go Big, Go Green, Go Cuddly!: Experience the wild in the most delightful way possible with our supersized croc plushie. A green giant that promises warm fun and cozy comfort.

Features to Adore:

  • Sizes: Ranging from a petite 55 cm to a sprawling 115 cm, pick the perfect size to suit your needs.

  • It's All in the Details: While capturing the essence of a real crocodile, our plush toy version is designed with adorably exaggerated features. Its fuzzy texture, plushy scales, and stitched facial details add to its whimsical charm.

  • Gigantic Comfort: The generous size isn't just for show. Whether you're reading, watching TV, or simply lounging around, this jumbo crocodile plushie provides comfort like no other.

Perfect for Everyone:

  • Children's Delight: With its impressive size and soft texture, kids will find a playmate and a comforting companion all rolled into one.

  • A Unique Decor Piece: Its vibrant green color and distinctive design can brighten up any room, making it a fantastic decor addition.

  • A Relaxing Retreat for Adults: Who says plushies are just for kids? The stress-relieving squishiness of this jumbo crocodile is perfect for adults seeking a soft escape from the daily grind.

Plushie with Personality: Don't be fooled by its reptilian nature; our Jumbo Green Crocodile Plushiie is all heart. Whether you're gifting it or getting one for yourself, it promises to be a favorite plush toy for years to come. Dive into a world where wild meets soft! 🐊

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