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Lifelike Jumbo Fish Plushie, 1-3.1 ft | 30-100 cm

Lifelike Jumbo Fish Plushie, 1-3.1 ft | 30-100 cm

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Fish Style

Jumbo Lifelike Fish Plushie

For those times when you need a large plush toy that looks like a real fish- you need one of these! We made these fish plushies by taking pictures of real fish and printing those onto large plush toys the same shape as the original fish.

These fish plushies are:

  • Made out of soft plush material and 100% PP cotton, making them comfortable to use as pillows and cozy companions to have around. 
  • Excellent gifts to a fish lover or plushie collector.
  • Multifunctional and can be used as a decorative nature-inspired throw pillow, as a display piece, or as a child's plaything.
  • Absolutely enormous. The largest size fish stretches up to 3.1 feet tall, making them as tall as a 4-year-old child or wide as a twin-size bed.
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