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Plush Jumbo Realistic Pineapple: Decor, 24-31" | 60-80 cm

Plush Jumbo Realistic Pineapple: Decor, 24-31" | 60-80 cm

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Plushie Produce's Realistic Pineapple Plushie 🍍

Be prepared for a tropical treat with our realistic Pineapple plushie! A fusion of intricate design and plushie comfort, this vibrant plush is all about adding some exotic flair and warmth to your spaces. Perfect for use as a pillow or a piece of tropical-themed decor.


  • Sizes To Choose From: Whether you prefer a snug 60 cm (23.6 inches) or a towering 80 cm (31.5 inches) - as tall as an 18-month-old! - our pineapple plushie caters to every taste.

  • Meticulous Design: The detailed exterior, coupled with plush fabric, feels as delightful as it looks.

Benefits of Our Realistic Pineapple:

  • Whimsical Decor: A sure-shot attention grabber, it's perfect for beach themes, kiddie rooms, or just anywhere you want to add a tropical feel.

  • Fun Playmate: With its vibrant design and plush feel, children will find in it a cuddly companion for playful adventures.

  • Conversation Starter: Its non-cartoon, large realistic appearance is bound to spark interest and admiration in gatherings.

Get set for a tropical adventure right from the comforts of your home! With our Realistic Pineapple Plushie, every day feels like a sunny vacation. Dive into plushie pleasure! 🍍

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