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Plush Fruit as Birds, Keychain Size: 5 Fruits, 5" | 13 cm

Plush Fruit as Birds, Keychain Size: 5 Fruits, 5" | 13 cm

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Fruit-Bird Plushies: Keychain Sized 🍏🐦

Unveiling the perfect blend of nature's treats and adorable creatures - our fruit bird plushies! These delightful creations are a fusion of fruit and bird designs, giving you a whimsical twist on traditional plush toys. Please note these novel plush toys are keychain sized and are not keychains; they do not include a keychain or loop for a keychain.


  1. Dual Design: Not just fruits, not just birds – it’s the best of both worlds! These plush toys are designed with the charm of fruits and the cute characteristics of birds.
  2. Compact Size: Standing at about 5" (13 cm), they’re the perfect size for portability.
  3. Soft & Cuddly: Made with a plush exterior and filled with 100% high-quality PP cotton, ensuring a soft touch and a huggable feel.
  4. Fun & Unique: These fruit birds bring a quirky twist to plushie design, ensuring they stand out in any collection.


  • Size: Approximately 5" (13 cm) tall.
  • Material: Soft plush exterior, filled with 100% high-quality PP cotton.

Add some fruity flair and warmth to your day with these unique small fruit bird plushies!

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