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Plush Banana Sniffing Squeaky Toy, 4" | 10 cm

Plush Banana Sniffing Squeaky Toy, 4" | 10 cm

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🍌 Peel 'n Play Banana Plush Toy 🍌

Tropically Tempting & Playful: Open up a world of fun with this plush banana toy that hides a delightful secret! The vibrant yellow peel and the cheeky banana smile inside promise a playtime full of giggles and wiggles.

Innovative Design: Separate the two soft plush halves to discover a cute cartoon banana, complete with a squeaker and treat pocket. Reattach, and let your fur buddy experience the joy of "peeling" their own fruit!

Engaging & Interactive: The intriguing squeaker ensures every play session turns into a squeaking spree. Plus, the treat pocket ensures your pet gets a delicious reward for their playful efforts.

Quality Materials: Crafted from premium fleece, plush, and a soft cotton fill, this toy promises durability even with the most spirited play sessions.

Versatile & Entertaining:

  • Play & Fetch: Toss it, and watch them fetch this fruity favorite.
  • Treat Hideout: Turn treat time into an exciting hunt by hiding goodies inside.
  • Tug & Tease: The velcro peel allows for some interactive tugging action.

Did You Know?: This toy combines your dog's two favorites: playful squeaks and delicious treats! It’s more than just a toy; it’s a banana bonanza of fun.

Bring home a bunch of happiness with the Peel 'n Play Banana Plush Toy. Designed for endless entertainment, this toy is a delightful blend of fun, treats, and squeaky surprises. Let the tropical playtimes begin! 🍌


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