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Plush Brown-Spotted Dairy Cow Car Tissue Holder, 17" | 44 cm

Plush Brown-Spotted Dairy Cow Car Tissue Holder, 17" | 44 cm

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Plush Dairy Cow Tissue Holder for Cars 🚗🐄

Elevate your car's interior with a touch of countryside charm! Our dairy cow tissue holder is not just a cute accessory, it's an everyday essential.

Key Features:

  • Adorable Cow Design: A plush dairy cow designed with attention to detail. Its pink face and classic black and white pattern make it a delightful addition to any vehicle.

  • Functional & Practical: Comes with a back strap, ensuring secure fastening to various locations in your car, such as the back of a headrest, armrest, or sunshade.

  • Dimensions: Standing tall at 44 cm (approximately 17.3 inches). Perfect size to ensure accessibility and minimize obstruction.

  • Quality Materials: Crafted from a soft plush exterior with a PP cotton filling, this holder guarantees durability and comfort.

  • Multipurpose: While primarily designed for tissues, its spacious interior can also hold other essentials like wipes or even small toys for the little ones.

 Don't Miss Out:

Stay prepared on the go without compromising on style. Our plush dairy cow tissue holder promises both utility and cuteness overload. Perfect for families, animal lovers, or anyone looking to add a touch of fun to their travels! 🚗 🐄

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