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Plush Cartoon Coffee Cup Shoulder Bag, 8" | 20 cm

Plush Cartoon Coffee Cup Shoulder Bag, 8" | 20 cm

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Plushie Produce Presents: The Caffeine Couture Collection! ☕️

Introducing the perfect blend of fun and fashion – our Coffee Cup Shoulder Bag! For the coffee lovers and style enthusiasts alike, this plush handbag is a must-have.

Flavorsome Features:

  • Color Choices: Choose from:

    • Cream & Sugar: A rich brown cup topped with fluffy white foam.
    • Black Coffee: A deep black cup crowned with frothy brown foam.
  • Compact & Cute: Dimensions are a snug 5.5 x 7.9 inches (14 x 20 cm). Perfect for those essentials while keeping it light.

Functional & Fashionable:

  • Safe Stash: A zippered compartment nestled in the "foam" ensures your belongings stay secure.
  • Sip-Style Strap: The adjustable strap offers versatility, whether you're feeling the shoulder look or the crossbody vibe.

Attention to Aesthetic:

  • Touchable Texture: Soft plush gives it that huggable factor, while the fleece "foam" might just trick you into thinking it's your morning brew.
  • Face Full of Fun: Delightfully embroidered facial features radiate charm and quirkiness.

Add a spoonful of humor and a dash of chic to your ensemble. Secure your Plushie Produce Coffee Cup Shoulder Bag in your preferred flavor today! It's the accessory that's always brewing with fun! ☕️


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