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Plush Cartoon Fruit Durian/Kiwi Keychain, 4" | 10 cm

Plush Cartoon Fruit Durian/Kiwi Keychain, 4" | 10 cm

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Fruit Plushie Keychains

Fancy a slice of smiley, fruit-filled fun? Dive into our adorable collection of Plushie Fruit Keychains, the perfect mini companions for fruit lovers on the go!

Key Features:

  • Lively Cartoon Designs:

    • 🥝 Cartoon Kiwi: Unveil the fun side of the vibrant kiwi! A slice of golden delight with those sparkling eyes and a joyous grin.

    • 💛 Cartoon Durian: Your favorite 'king of fruits' is now more endearing than ever! Flash that durian smile wherever you go.

  • Exquisite Craftsmanship: Painstakingly crafted with intricate details that capture the essence of real fruits, yet sprinkled with an extra pinch of cuteness.

  • Top-Tier Quality: Made with the same high-grade PP cotton as our larger plushies, these keychains promise both durability and softness.

  • Perfectly Portable: Standing at a compact 4" (10 cm), these keychains are easy to carry, ensuring you have a fruity friend with you at all times.

  • Versatile Companion: Attach them to your keys, bags, or even your rearview mirror. Let the world see your fruity flair!


Whether you're a die-hard fruit enthusiast or simply a lover of cute things, our Plushie Fruit Keychains are your ticket to daily smiles and style. They're not just keychains; they're a statement of joy! Grab one, or why not both, and brighten up your everyday adventures! 🛍️🎁🔑

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