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Plush Cartoon Snack Foods, Nine Foods, 8-28" | 20-70 cm

Plush Cartoon Snack Foods, Nine Foods, 8-28" | 20-70 cm

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Cartoon Snack Plush Toy Collection

Add a sprinkle of fun and comfort to your space with our delightful Cartoon Snack Plush Toy Collection! Perfectly replicating a selection eight of your favorite snacks, these plush toys promise endless fun. Each plush is crafted with soft, high-quality material to ensure a lifetime of joy.

Product Specifications and Choices:

  1. 🌭 Sausage Plush

    • Available Sizes: 7.9" (20 cm), 19.7" (50 cm), and jumbo 27.6" (70 cm)
    • Design: Adorable sausage design with a cute smile.
  2. 🍟 French Fries Plush

    • Available Sizes: 11.8" (30 cm) (with five removable small plush fries) and 19.7" (50 cm) (with five removable larger plush fries).
    • Design: Cheerful fries container with individual happy fries.
  3. 🍞 Toaster Pastry Plush

    • Size: 19.7" (50 cm)
    • Design: A delightful pastry with colorful sprinkles and a sweet smile.
  4. 🍔 Hamburger Plush

    • Available Sizes: 9.8" (25 cm) or 18.9" (48 cm)
    • Design: A juicy burger with a charming expression.
  5. 🍕 Slice of Pizza Plush

    • Size: 19.7" (50 cm)
    • Design: Yummy slice with a cheesy grin.
  6. 🌭 Hot Dog Plush

    • Size: 17.7" (45 cm)
    • Design: A delightful bun and sausage combination with a friendly face.
  7. 🍢 Corn Dog Plush

    • Size: 17.7" (45 cm)
    • Design: A classic snack on a stick with a playful smirk.
  8. 🍦 Vanilla Ice Cream Plush

    • Available Sizes: 15.7" (40 cm) or a jumbo 23.6" (60 cm)
    • Design: A sweet scoop of happiness.

Why Choose Our Snack Plush Toys?

  • Soft and Cuddly: Made with plush materials that are soft to the touch.
  • Vibrant and Lively Designs: Each plush toy has its own unique and endearing expression.
  • Safe for Children: Crafted with child-friendly materials and designed without small parts.
  • Perfect Gift: These plush toys are the ideal present for snack lovers, kids, or anyone in need of a soft companion.
  • Interactive Fun: The French Fries plush toys feature removable fries, adding an extra layer of playful interaction.
  • Home Decor: Their bright and cheerful designs make them perfect for decorating kids' rooms, play areas, or even a cozy reading nook.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Each plush snack toy is meticulously designed and stitched to ensure longevity and durability.
  • Easy to Clean: Spot cleaning is a breeze, ensuring your plush snack remains fresh and clean.
  • Care Instructions:

  • Hand wash with mild detergent.
  • Air dry only. Avoid direct sunlight to preserve colors.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Keep away from open flames.
  • Ideal For:

  • Birthday gifts
  • Baby showers
  • Playroom additions
  • Collectibles for snack lovers
  • Classroom rewards or educational props
  • Bring home a snack plushie today and indulge in soft, cuddly fun without the calories! Whether you're gifting to a loved one or adding to your personal collection, these plush cartoon snacks are sure to bring smiles and joy. 🌭🍟🍔


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